yesterday , we heard some big changes made in the coll internal system. heard that a pass /60% in the class testas would give us full marks and there are marks to be added for people winning in symposiums . SONE KA SUHAGA is what it can be described , but one has to keep the fingers crossed as the academic cell is yet to confirm it.

yesterday was a legalised bunki from college. it goes like this

the 1st period was boring , so i stealthily took the HINDU from my classamate and browsed thru the second page , where i came across an ad showcasing MAC,ADOBE and HP along with a seminar . o got the permission and beliveit or not the college transport dept alloted us a TATA SUMO to ferry us upto avadi . the MAC and APPLE were amazing in looks as well as functionality .came home to see the "indian buterfingers show " and woke up this morning to the good news that India had beaten kenya .

well i'm pumped up about the blogger meet tommorow and i wouldbe having 3 guys from my college comin there
myself , kishore and ashish rai

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