i've just recovered from from a severe stomach ache that i had over2 days , with frequent bouts of vommiting . donno whethet it's due to food poisoning or some thing that i drank . my stomach suffered from acidity .......... felt like ONGC had opened it's branch right here in my stomach and had all it's "industrial waste" let out thru my mouth( vommit).

another slender factor that spoilt my mood was the prescence of Mandira Bedi , the world cup anchor on SONY TV . her comments are so childish and it definitely puts SONY in a spot of bother , comparing to the analysis probided by ESPN STAR.
Mandira Bedi is proffesional in dropping her neckline , which she thinks will have viewers glued to SONY MAX, but i guess the viewers are all hardcore cricket fans and they dont need to see Mandira's treasures to watch the MATCHES.

tommorow our model starts , and i am yet to touch the books as i was unwell over the past 2 days .

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