My mind seemed to be in a pensive mood throughout the day, i was struggling with the lab programs coz most of them had some typo errors in them so was waiting for the official set of programs (tested and debuggged) to arrive via e-mail. my SYSTEM SOFTWARE lab is on monday, but i have booked myself for some engagements on saturday< blogger national discussion panel meet> and free CAT math shortcuts in Loyola on Sunday from 10 to 1 . no guy in my college would be attending these meetings , coz they apart from studying , follow the least risk policy as they dont want the schedule to be crowded. a typical VEL guy would be scoffing at me for attending "unwanted" things , instead for studying for the lab. so this kind of a feeling a year back would grip me and i ould just think from a "VEL" menatality and not go for any extra actvities. but i am happy that i have freed myself from the clutches of that type of thinking and am acting according to my heart.

so gotta come home and do some coding for the lab, while i attend my TIME CAT class . Kishore and ashish would not be comin for the meet tomm and that's kind of sad , bcoz these are teh very few guys in our college who have some spirit , when it comes to enjoying and freaking out. Arvinfd said he might make it , but his coming is a big IF .

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