well our model exams have finally ended that is a big sigh of relief as the exams for me and many of my classmates would start the xam gazing into the paper as if it's a huge hospital bill , begin scratching our head ........., slowly we remember that "oh this was probably taught when we were roaming around in that college attending ..... symposium. 9 30 is the time i shoot out theb answers on the 30 pages booklet. every time i write an answer i feel guilty that i am expanding it by a factor of 5 , leaving big gaps between lines ( call that neat ) and by the time i finish 2 essay questions my steam runs out . i have to refresh my memory and extract the bits of xtraa info that is there among the hidden files in my H drive( hypothallamus). during model exam i essentially have no hard disc only a RAM which registers the info scanned from 7 am to 9 20 am . so the RAM needs to be refreshed , so i do a CTRL ALT DEL and close my CPU by shutting my eyes for abt 20 minutes . thsi process is repeated for every answer that is after 10 30 am.

the system scan after a hard fought battle to recover data , crashes at 12 pm , when the memory is switched of from data in the text and new data about what the CPU ( my brain) is to doa fter 12 30 is entered ( like where to eat , what to eat........what should be the playlist on my SONY player this evening in the bus .

well this CPU just needs an upgradation to a hard drive from RAM , and that will be installed from march 31st temporarilly upto april 30th ( scheduled date of egg jams).

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