I just booked my tickets to bangalore to attend an interview,more of an informal chat with a company called KNOWLEDGEWORKZ which is basically on the lookout for information analysts ,who scan info relevant ...blah ...blah .....essentially on the lookout for god quizzers. This afternoon kishore and I are slated to meet anand at Spencers to do some shopping regarding our tour and also finalise our return journey.Anand , the shy guy he is , will be making his debut into entering spencer plaza ............(can u belive it ? a 21 year old guy staying in chennai for the past 21 years hasnt been to this place .........? )

I also have plans of visiting the beach and collecting our tour confirmation letters late in the evening from YHAI,chennai and to start preparing for the various company aptitude tests .

any body wanting to get in touch with me reg this company can sms me at 32695453 .I leave for angalore tommorow morning by brindavan.

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