Thats how i feel these days ,after coming back home and lying down on the floor.there seems to be some sort of energy current from the floor that soothens me and makes me want to sleep there for hrs (more like a rejuvenation centre !!!)

Yesterdays CG exam was personally my worst exam as i didnt know the answer to a single long answer question and all i did was blab 32 pages of absolute crap.anyways gotta put that debacle behind me ........and prepare for Network security ,my next paper where i have some firm grounding with regard to the concept ....

well as soon as the exam on 17th ends I am planning to to do a allout revision of all my last 4 yrs BE books mainly meant for preparation for these entrance exams to software companies.lots of IT recruitments seem to be cropping up , but the main problem is the oppurtunities re either in bangalore or delhi, so cant actually go and attend the interview.with the final sem exams still on.

and yes...........we still havent got the confirmation from shimla reg the double deluxe suite we booked for on may the 8th .................god help us........:-)

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