Damn it ............the British counciol library doesn't seem to be allowing members to browse their email here at BCL. seems u can go only to educational sites. That's precisely the reason why i got a browsing seat as soon as i came here. looks like the crowd has died down after a CENSOR on email was declared here .

generally i get a seat in the brwosing centre at BCL only a good 1 or 2 hours after i've entered the library as the rush was great for the 5-6 odd systems they had. but now they have around 20 systems ......but the mad scramble for systems has died down and secondly now a person can sit on the web for an unlimited amount of time ,unlike the half hour slot that was given earlier.now the only advantage of that is as a true student one can have untramelled access to the net as and when we want it . well all i can say is i'l give BCL a thumbs up for their efforts to make people read more resources on the web rather than checking ......personal mail.

The library sports a totally trimmed and different look and looks really chic ......

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