Day Off

I just decided to put the brakes on my rather fast life..with some domestic activities that have been long pending.My 2nd hand bike,which runs dangerously on the road without an RC book,is being laid to rest...as I am planning to sell it to a person who constructed our house.He has said that he doesnt mind the RC Book not being there..so I finally get to push my bike off and get myself a brand new one.I most probably will opt for a Hero Honda Passion Bike,which I hear from my friends is the best option for a "vale for Money" Bike with riding Comfort factor also thrown in.ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A NEW BIKE IS ALSO WELCOME.I GENERALLY RIDE AT AN AVG SPEED BETWEEN 45-55 Km/hr

The All famous "CHENNAI SUMMER" is coming.The HOT and HOTTER seasons have made way..for the HOTTEST season in Chennai especially April and May.So I have decided to have a second AC installed in the room where I have placed the Home Theatre system..and also clean up the room.So essentially 2 business deals in the pipe line and as I realise that the first quarter of the is nearing...a small financial Review has revelaed that I have blown up all my savings in electronic pleasures and Household spending.Recently I had to spend a fortune to Rebuild our compound wall which collapsed during the Chennai Rains.So am adding fuel to the fire by splurging another 50,000 today. So I start the next quarter Fully Bankrupt.It was Bankrupt when the new year started..so I am back to square one.

There seems to be some problem with Blogger,as I am unable to upload my Cochin Pictures.Will have to use the rather Laborious process of using Flick R.

There are some other household activities that are long pending for more tahn 4 months after the rains devastated our Lower Floor.So have to plan out activities at home with an eye on the developments at Office...so quite a busy day ahead, but its just that I dont have a computer to stare at !!

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hey Gonna buy a new bike??? Looking forward 2 c photos..

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