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Ponnarasi has tagged me, so I finally say yes to her requests.I thought of writing a piece for women's day but lack of a proper network by bsnl and some important work at office had kept me busy.

So here goes

Movies I would watch over and over again:

4.Kabhi Khushi kabhi Gham
5 Black
6 Hyderabad Blues(1 and 2 ).
7 Iqbal
8 Hum Hain Rahi Pyar ke.
9 Kal Ho Na Ho.
10 Titanic

TV shows I love to watch:

1 Cricket Controversies-Sidhu on NDTV
2 F.R.I.E.ND.S
3 We the People- NDTV.
4 Malgudi Days

I dont get enough time to watch any more programmes and I follow a strict no any programme thats remotely spews of Feminine issues and sob fests like Chithi,ahalya..blah blah blah...and of course dreaded serials that starts with K.

My favourite foods :

My Mother's Roti's with Thakkali Chutney.
The DOSA at teh HOT DOSA outlet near Besant nagar Beach.
The Bhelpuri at Adayar Ananda Bhavan.
The Cheese Pizzas' of Pizza hut and the Double Cheese Crunch of Dominoes.
Curd Rice,poori,Chapathy with Bananas

My Greatest victories :

Have come in bits and pieces...but still waiting for something substantial.These are things that are extremely personal and only my walkman knows more about it.

Things that I hate

1)People who talk big but do nothing.
2)Back biters
3) People who fart big time ...giving cock and Bull stories..pretending tehmselves to be somebody they are not.
4)People who play the Blame game and pass it on.

Great Personalities I would like to dine with

1. R.K.Narayan
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. To all the lovely ladies who reside on my hard-disk
4. and finally all the ladies who have missed dining out with me.

Things I dream often

That I am confused.
That I am on the verge of achieve something Big.
That I flirt around with the girl I least hope to have a crush on !!
That I am being punished in my dreams for all my frivolus mistakes...and thankfully this rehersal reminds me of what needs to be done..the next day when I wake up.
That I often dont get injured when I fall from a cliff that's 10000 meters high.

Best Place for a lovely-Chit Chat

Chintadripet Railway station(MRTS in Chennai)
Guindy/Central Railway station.
Ettimedai Railway station...enroute to palakkad vioa coimbatore(Near Amrita Institutions).
Forum Mall Banaglore-
Spencers Plaza- Chennai.
British Council Library Chennai.
DakshinaChitra- Muttukadu-Outskirts of Chennai

Most Inspiring personality in Life

My Roomie in Infy- Sheshadri Sampath.

Most Crazy thing that I have done

All documented in my Blogs... so persuse through that ..atleast I will see an increase in traffic that way.

So That's about it .


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Kartik, Tht was very intersting to read. And Mr. Sampath would be enormously happy 2 c ur blog. Did he peep in by any chance?? It takes real gud heart 2 apreciate on sum1. Applause!
BTW, ur dreams are scary/. Hehehe. Y so? ;)

Random thoughts from Chennai to Canada said...

Looks like you have an attraction for railway stations.Anyhow,I was wondering if you were going to post some pictures from your trip to Kerala.

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