Solitude across the Bridge

There are times when one needs to take a break from the hectic life,in the midst of work pressures and deadlines.In IT Companies,with plush interiors and gardens(Read a Typical Infy Campus)...You have lots of places to roam around and let the mind wander...even though it's prone to interruption from people discussing tech jargon as you walk.But at my place of work,which is bang in the heart of the city,plush gardens may be a rarity..so i resort to the quiet rather lonely Egmore station.I go there at times when I just need a break...and need to relax as my mood gets doubly recharged when I see a train..as I simply love holidaying.When I see a train,my senses get activated to visualise a future journey and as a matter of fact, browsing the Railway Time Table being one my hardcore hobbies...only fuels my need to be at the station.

What do I Imagine every time in the middle of the day on the Bridge that connects platform 1 and 2? Well its more so an analysis of my life..am I going in the right direction..? Am i living the life that I promised myself? Just the ideal space where me, my ego and a critical side of me...join hands to feel all the pressure and worries being released from my body through my thighs.

There are times I enjoy walking across the platform aimlessly with my walkman on...where my mind just goes into an automatic state of peace and the relaxation I get by doing this assures me ...that my life is just as good as I want it to be.As I have told before..my biggest friend is my walkman..who has been through tough and happy times...and still continues to be my best friend..because it doesnt give me gnyaan on what I should be doing,what I should have done,doesnt back stab...or scoff at my ideas.All it does is just listen spellbound as if my ideas are on the same plane as a Top Honcho addressing his employees.I often waft away imagingining myself 5 years or even 10 years down the line doing something great...and add a nice inspiring track on the walkman...and lo I am already elavated to thinking big and seeing myself giving an interview to CNN...

Heights of Fancy dreams may be ...but just as a true Piscean, I dream...and these dreams are the sole drivers of my innovative thoughts.The factory of my thoughts are made here and only here does my mind working producing a brilliant idea every 100 bad ones... So the sole point that I wish to stress is that the relaxation and rejuvenation I gain by seeing a train or a quiet station is pretty much what keeps my inspiration levels up and running. Infact I remember on a rather satirical note, I more so draw inspiration from the fact that my engineering degree was a gross function of a 40 minute train journey to college, rather than the Classroom board.Read more about how I became an engineer in 40 minutes.


krithika said...

That egmore station is something really nice. i used to enjoy the walk through that during my ims classes. the beautiful cruising of the train,the wonderful curvaceous movements.i remember standing on the bridge for a long time just to watch the train move graciously... man i feel nostalgic. the whole station atmosphere gives me a wonderful feeling.

axix said...

One day I'm coming back to Chennai, watch late night movie in Ega, travel ticket less in train and jump from back door!

Ranganath EUnny said...

Join IRFCA :)


Ranganath Eunny

PS: I cannot recognise you in the photo. Have we met?

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks Ranaganath, u have any contact email addresss?

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