What do my dreams mean ?

Today for about 15 minutes My eyes were straining to open itself after a rather tight day at work.This was at 6 30 in the evening.I just moved from my table and moved to an empty cabin and just reclined in my chair to briefly take some rest.In those 15 minutes post snacks siesta I had this rather strange dream.
My mother on the occaisson of Holi (which we southies hardly celebrate) gave a thali full of sweets and a can of beer.I was shocked ...I ask my mother.."whats happened to you...when did the hindu custom start serving beer" .My Mother then says ..Beer is good for health, it is our custom to consume it like Kashayam(a medicinal drink in South India).I was shocked to say the least...and I wanted to ask more but just kept pondering....
I keep thinking ...wow..Looks my mother's ideals have changed and so has the Tam Bram society.. but soon the mobile rang..and it was my mother who woke me up out of this strange dream" When are You starting " ...and I still had the beer-prasadam hangover ..but still managed to talk properly... and was laughing at myself after this happened.

Looks like the agenda for the week is to figure out sigmund Freuds theory of dreams.I recently purchased this book on the Cochin Beach...where I was roaming around hunting for scenic shots.


jammy said...

Quite an interesting dream. Rum (and not beer) is a prasadam for a few Gods of Hindu mythology

sk said...

dei dei dei.......amma unakku beer tharaangalaa ? aen, vaaya thorandhu oothi kudukkala ?

Shpriya said...

I stumbled on ur blog while browsing and caught up with Ponnarasi's. I was damn curious to know abt the dream and got this kind of interpretation. Sweets symbolises rewards, beer means happiness, mother symbolises guidance and support- means u want to have an identity of your own with ur job and career, and please ur mom at the same time by getting married and assure her that you are secure and can manage on your own.

Maha said...

hm..interesting dream..i have read that dreams are either our inner desires or fears...so beer is ur desire or fear? ;-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi, You are tagged. Pls check out my blog to know more.. Will be happy if u write the tag.

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