The Indian team's below par performance in the first test against England has been shocking given their recent good run of form.I think the selectors have just opened up a can of worms by not selecting Ganguly for the test Series.I agree Ganguly misused his powers when he was at the helm, to meander around and take pride as a captain who has played in the most number of ODI cup finals and ending up on the losing side,but the fact remains that he has not been given enough chances after his comeback and is being dumped unceremoniously due to some bitter Board politics and unwanted Chappellspeak.

I guess its high time we stopped this internal bickering that exists and put an end to the bad vibes around Ganguly and Chappell and select the best possible team.I believe Ganguly certainly deserves a place in the squad and such a senior player cannot be treated with such disdain.

Chappells comments on Ganguly playing for his finances was most depressing to hear.Chappell should have double checked before making such horrible comments even in the case his foul mouth wanted to go on blabbering.Ganguly comes from a regal and Riyal family that has 22 cars and a huge posh residence in the suburban part of Calcutta in a place called Behala and Mr Chappel...FYI ....Saurav can employ 5 such chappels paying 78 lacs a month in his house.I know my statement may seem offensive ..but its just that such immature statements from Chappell were unwarranted.


Madhan Karthikeyan said...

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Hope ur happy in ur new job!

Ur rite...As you said chappell doesn't understand his 'head and leg'...Translate it ;)

rachana said...

On the rat race of life--
"why everybody is ready to grind?
It's the only fear of being left behind."

rachana said...

hey sorry this comment of mine was for ur above post!!

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