Chup Chup Ke

I had been to Satyam Cinemas Yesterday evening, more so to try and see whether i could get tickets for Fanaa.But in todays fast moving buck world,even Hindi Movies are getting sold so quick in Chennai,that one has to be ready with option 2,just in case option 1 is sold.Our option (Kishore and I) was to go for any movie around the 6 30,7 o clock time,and the only thing that seemed to be worth spending was Chup Chup ke,a movie I heard just barely 18 hours before,when I saw a preview/Roadblock happening on the Sulekha Home page.

Kareena,Sushama and Neha, the trio were hot enough to convince me to immideately buy the tickets,given the fact that Fanaa was houseful.What transpired after that is what follows.

The Verdict- Movie is watchable,with some very good slapstick comedy being performed by Rajpal Yadav,Paresh Rawal and Shakti Kapoor,pretty different from the mundane genre of Johny Lever Comedy...but the lovely comical pace of the movie was inevitably strung into the ever cliched Bollywood formula of 2 heroine one hero ...ending...

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The Movie starts with Shahid Kapoor,being chased by a few money brokers (in some lovely locale in the western coastal part of India).He has a few loans that sum upto 13 lakhs....blah blah blah...and he is forced to jump into the ocean to give up his life as his father(Anupam Kher) is unable to pay the debt that his son Shahid has got rather deeply mired into.Now the catch is ,Shahid has a 13 lakh LIC policy on his name, so he tries to commit suicide to allow his father to use the LIC money to pay all money lenders.In the process,there is appalling gloom at home when the they hear Shahid commiting suicide,whereby his love interest,Sushama Reddy seems to play a typical Female Sharukh-Mohabbetein typish Charecter,where she only needs Shaid's memories to build castles of Love in thin air.Sushama or Sushma, was once a very hot skimpy clad VJ on Channel V,who was once the very apple of my eyes..after 11 on V,but actually looks like Shaid's Badi didi...in other sense,pretty old...(Or is Shahid a Kid :-)? )

Given the fact that this is a mainstream Bollywood movie and not a Ekta Kapoor serial,Shahid Kapoor is alive miraculously who is swept away by a wave that does not obey Newton's law,and is mysteriously transported from the western Coast to the far east of Calcutta...where the fisherman(Rajpal Yadav) mistakes him for a fish and nets him on his boat.

Now if this was a Movie made by Balaji Telefilms,then the Hero would have died,quite contrary to Bollywood expectation,but then due to popular demand via sms(where apparently Ekta has a SMS lagao Movie Banao Concept)..the script would then be instantly changed in Movie halls via modern technology where Shahid is alive,but due to shaid being booked for dates in a different production house,some other actor replaces shahid...and Ekta stiches the story with a science fiction feel to it saying that As the guy was swept by the water,the tsunami currents in the ocean rim emits radiation that can change a man's face...and the hopeless hordes of housewives watching this would actually be discussing this in the next Kitty party..to show which one of them is actually more tech savvy. Phew...Does Ekta know the art of elongating movies...?? She can start the EKTA kfoundation kfor KMaximum KElongation kof ka kStory kConcept kfor kMaximising kMovies.Take this with a pinch of ksalt.

Anyway getting back to the movie...After landing in Calcutta the comedy that happens between Shahid,Paresh and Rajpal Yadav is rib tickling and had me in splits.Paresh happens to bluff to OM Puri, the Local dada,that Shahid is his Nephew,and sells him off temporarily to gain possesion of his boat,that is held captive by Om Puri,as Paresh owes him a loan.The idea is that Paresh gets his boat back and a chance to earn some money in the enxt few months,while he loans Rajpal and Shahid to OM PURI as servants to partly offload the loan.

Then as usual love happens and shahid who now decides that he will never go back home,starts to enjoy life with Kareena and Neha,who plays the arrogant usual modern day supportive sister.Then Shahid discovers that his parents are still suffering as the insurance money is not yet doled out as Shahid's body is officially not found.So Shahid sends Rajpal Yadav to act as the insurance agent who delivers money back home.So is that a "all's well that ends well?" not yet...with 3 hot babes,2 comedians, a 100 extras in an oversized opulent family of the HAHK Types(Hum Apke Hain Koun),all the charecters need to get some decent coverage...and the movie needs to run a 150 minutes..so after some needless elongation and typical bollywood action where Heroine 1 discovers Hero is alive and kicking with heroine 2, rushes to the marriage mandap of hero 1 and Heroine 2 only to discover that Hero 1 has some "majboori" and curses the hero....who then discovers cold feet...and makes obnoxious faces trying to wriggle a tear or 2...where all of a sudden the people in the marriage hall...who are supposedly dignified...notice heroine 1 and decide Hero has comitted "double paap" and leave the hall,with disgust at not getting done with the marriage and not being offered sweets...whilen pretending to show anger for a Couple that lacks Indian Values of abstaining from Polygamy.In the Process,Big Goonda Bro of heroine 2 sheds emotions and does a volte face...to the hero saying first love is best love ...and wishes him all the best,where once he says that,he hides his face to suggest emotion,whereas its for the failure of glycerine to arouse the passion in his eyes...putting a crocodile to shame.In this midst heroine 2 who is confused from childhood,about adding 2 and 2...now does the second volte face of the evening with her glycerine filled eyes suggesting sadness and tones conveying a monal lisa type hajaar meanings, to confuse the boy further.

Whether the boy takes heroine 1 or heroine 2....is all what the story is about,and by no means have they resorted to innovation by introducing one more despo hero who is all set to marry a hot swelte,low necked Opulent Churidhar Babe.You would obviosly realize that when it's time for a group photo...its the THE END, or when a track is repeated in a slow frame , it ephemistically means...THANKS FOR ENDURING THE MOVIE...HOPING FOR YOUR CONTINUED PATRONAGE TO SEE MORE BANAL BOLLYWOOD STUFF.

Oh...considering the 150 bucks invested...the movie is worth a see for Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav...and If you feel shahid-Kareena-Neha-Sushma are going to do some regular gyrations,with skimpy clothes ...You are mistaken...they are the bahu's of the opulent Royal Family,who indulge in part Bengali-Part Gujju Che... dance..where shades of Karan Johar's world come alive.

There is neither Physics nor chemistry between Kareena and Shahid...as thats what they seem to be saying in the above movie promo.Sounds like "Sex, No NO... SHHH WE ARE INDIANS".Kareena with her role has been grossly underutilised and so has Sushma Reddy.Overall passable and watchable.

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kannan raman said...

i happened to see chup chup ke as i didnt get the ticket for phir hera pheri. later when i saw phir hera pheri i think i quit enjoyed chup chup ke than the later one. ofcourse paresh rawal did his part well in both films.

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