Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are ringing pretty loudly this month with atleast 3 marriages that I am aware ..of my classmates who are going Nuptial.It's been a totally different experience to see people who were your classmates to now get married..it either feels I am too young,or they are too old.Girls marrying at 22,23 is pretty much sane,but one of my male friend,whose turning 23 soon,is all set to enter connubial bliss in less than 48 hours.I am attending to back to back weddings in the next 2 days.The first one is a Gult-Wedding in Rajamundry,and I would be travelling with 4 of my classmates and meet some more coming from Hyderabad for the wedding.It should be a nice feeling of reunuion,for the next couple of days,and as soon as I reach Chennai on Friday,there's a wedding of a classmate,gossipmate and ofcourse officemate for a while too...and I expect to see quite a bit of my college crowd there.I expect my camera to be pretty busy lapping all images from the enxt 2-3 days.

I went shopping yesterday to buy some gifts,and was totally confused on what to buy...and ended up buying things which otherwise..no one would..atleast in a conventional Indian Marriage.

What did I buy...? Stay tuned...more updates in a few hours from now.

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gayathri said...

well in tat case u can also give money so tat he gets wat he needs..
but i dunno if many ppl wil have satisfaction in this type of a gift..

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