Masala Groundnuts

Having Masala groundnuts(Masala kadalai in Chennai Lingo) has become quite a habit these days while travelling home after work.As soon as I head for the Egmore Railway station,from office...the very smell of onions, mashed tomatoes and the masala powder captivates my olfactory modalities and lures to me the haggling vendor who never gives me 5 rs worth of value every time.

Given the fact that my stomach grumbles like a 5 year old kid,crying to get his toy,whilst the parent( my brain) is emotionally blackmailed to give in to the cries of the little stomach.

The basic difference to the normal hot boiled groundnut and the masala groundnut is definetely the burning sensation that your lips are subjected to when I consume them over the 30 minute journey back home.The burning of the lips thanks to the rather explosive concoction of onions and the mysterious powder,makes me go after it,even when my tounge is an inferno,that struggles longing for h20 to be by its side.

That reminds me of the hot salsa burning kiss, that comes across in the famous penelope cruz starrer " Woman on Top" where the kiss is done after wetting the lips with the sublime burning sensation of chillies on the lip.Now any way such expectations cant be fulfilled at Egmore Railway station..given the fact that Chennai is such a conservative city.But all said and done...the pleasure of subjecting my toungue to all that heat,as my thoughts flow and newer ideas generate while I am at the station...somehow staisfies the craving of my stomach.

This craving for the groundnuts and the violent addiction reminds me so much of Shah rukhs wild obsession and attraction that he had for Manisha Koirala in Dil se..and the Dil Se Track on my walkman only increases my craving for the groundnuts

Incase you havent tasted the Chennai masala kadalai, I suggest you try them at the Egmore station,Marina and Eliots Beach.It has a special taste at these places where the

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