Busy at Work

That pretty much explains why so less activity on the Blog. I was wanting to just do a small commentary on the Indo WI tests...just to spruce my cricketing knowledge and do something that I have always enjoyed doing,but never took it serious.Harsha Bhogle had advised me to start writing articles..and contact FM/Cricket channels to start giving running commentary/web commentary to get started on the road to become someone of his ilk in commentary.All my plans crashed bigtime when my BSNL internet crashed again...and I am already getting despo with BSNL's management.These sloths having a monopoly in my area..seem to behave like bigshots,as there is no other source for Braodband in an around my area.I justheard that AIRTEL has set up shop in a few houses adjacent to my lane,but to have their broadband beaming through my computer,I must have 3 connections or more from my neighbours and that is not happening as they are more so casual internet users who are more than happy with the 28 kbps dial up....in sending mails to their near and dear ones across the world.

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hm..Seems 2 b 2 busy... Tak care :)

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