Tendul Speak , WAS HE "WRIGHT"

It looks like John Wright's new book is all set to make a big splash across India(and a even bigger splash on my bank account) , as the focus would be to get an insiders view to the happenings in the Indian Cricket team.A speacial issue snowballing around into anavalanche is the Dravid Declaration at Multan. We all knew that Sachin was dissapointed when Dravid declared the Multan Test at 675/5 when Sachin was left out chillingly(atleast as how he sees it) on 194, 6 short of a well deserved double century in Pakistan.Now when Sachin made such an issue of it by going against the team management and saying to the press, that he was dissapointed, then is'nt that a breach of Team Spirit,which he accused Saurav Ganguly of,when Ganguly blew the lid on a certain comment made by Greg Chappel.

I feel that Sachin,was as much at fault,as was Saurav for blowing the top on dressing room secrets.Its their larger than life image that sometimes make them see themselves as much bigger than team causes.Both have been trusted Indian warriors for the last 10 years,but along the line,the fame and adulation they have recieved has been misconstrued by them,to use it as a tool to emotionally draw the support of people,when important decisions involving Team India over individuals was taken.

I guess its still a fuzzy picture in terms who exactly said what,and how things were when John Wright was at the helm.So I guess, I would have to wait till October to unearth how Wright steered a Vehicle that had looks of the ferrari,but was lazy to put petrol(Team India).

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