At the IAMAI Summit in Chennai-Online Retail in India


Familiar Faces : Thats Param Parameshwaran and K.Vaitheeshwaran, whom I have grown to seeing them at meetings within Sulekha. Param was the first investor in Sulekha, who now heads a VC firm called the Indigo Monsoon Group. He holds an MBA from Wharton. To his right in the suit is K.Vaitheeswaran, the COO of IndiaPlaza which is a sister company of Sulkeha. It was a great day to network with old acquaintances. Also happened to meet Satya Prabhakar, the CEO of Sulekha and a few ex-Sulekha employees

The chandeliers above represent a lovely yellowish brown haze as the sessions are on. The first session on Online retail, whether it has a future. People from Subhiksha,Bharat Matrimony and Sify have so far spoken on the offline- online model and the possible synergies.

This is happening at Park Sheraton, in Chennai. This goes on till 6 in the evening. The first session was decent, but not the sessions that would let a 1000 thoughts spark. I guess conforming to the time allocated sometimes robs the discussion of the variety of experience.The IAMAI summit in Mumbai last month was an excellent summit. This photo has 3 of my batch mates from Great Lakes(Dr Nesamani,Rajesh and Your's Truly)

Deals Fixed over a cup of tea and a Glass of Water?
Listening in rapt attention to the session on Technology. Thats Pawan and Shruti, from my B School.
Click to Bore : Some were busy checking on official mails while others were answering calls from work. There were a few mobiles that rang during the summit. I am suprised that even after so much prompting to keep the phones on silent mode, some of the particpants still swore to showcase their ludicrous ringtones. It does feel sad, when people lack the basic discipline to respect the sanctity
This part of the updates : Thanks to my data card
I came, I saw ,I plugged
I have taken a corner seat, primarily decided by the proximity of a power plug closeby. I think when IAMAI can take note of this as a feedback, as power plugs and wi-fi service whenever they book a venue for the conferences they schedule.

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