The Google MBA

Sometimes when I sit back and see an excellent presentation, I realise that the only difference between my group and the other group at college, is the fact that the other group has googled effectively. Nothing bad about Googling, I am just suprised at the amount of learning google provides in various links and readymade presentations. I have learnt quite a lot in the past week, which involved case analysis and presentations. But the fact remains, that in this mad fast paced MBA, one hardly has any time to do a complete and detailed review.The onus is on quick fast skimming of information, and immideate division of chunks of information to be converted to intelligible form to be put on the presentation in a few hours from now. Time seems the most critical element of the 1 year MBA, where if properly and efficiently used, in terms of working out from the texts and additional reading, it makes your knowledge base very strong. But hey..all theory and no practice makes jack a less than dull boy and this is where one needs to deploy all that theory from macro economics,operations and statistics in terms of preparing business plans and attending various conferences /management events. Right now, I am trying to balance both with a skew towards the latter.

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