On the Backfoot

The last 4-5 days have been bad, with ill health in terms of heavy,dry and intense coughing. Some times a cough gets converted into vommit and lasts for over a minute that leaves me breathless. So struggling to even ask a doubt in class. I dont do any late stints at college.Just come back home to doze, and given the high dosage of medicenes, sleep tends to come rather deeply during classes.

My body looks tired due to physical inactivity and large hours of sleeping. If I start a jog, coughing starts again. So its a bad period thats going on now. Just hoping another day of rest, would make me feel better.

PS: My health seems to have got 5% better, on hearing that India beat South Africa last night :-)


Anonymous said...

hi kartik,
Get Well Soon!!!
watch more cricket!!!
take care

Achut said...

dei kk enna da aachu unaku?? perennial patient mari pesara! get well soon dude, we gotta plan for goa again:)

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