SWIM at Great Lakes

Dr. Ambika Kameshwar was here at Great Lakes on the 27th of June for a talk to the students. The talk was organized as part of the SWIM initiative of Great Lakes Institute of Management. Dr. Ambika is a well known dancer and is an expert in Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. She is also the founder of RASA (Ramana Sunritya Alaya), an organization which helps adults and children with special needs. RASA focuses on using theatre and dance with these special people and has achieved tremendous results this way. Dr. Ambika calls this method Creative Movement Education.

Ms Ambika Kameshwar speaking at the event

Dr. Ambika came off as an extremely joyful and energetic individual. We were all buoyed seeing the energy she had. Dr. Ambika spoke about RASA and the challenges faced while starting and running RASA. She also spoke about the role women had to play in the current workplace scenario. “Times are changing and we will be witness to many women taking bold strides” said Dr. Ambika and added “Behind every successful man is a woman and behind every successful woman is an intelligent man who notices her capabilities and lets her achieve them”. Working with these people and helping them was so rewarding and that’s what helped Dr. Ambika face all her challenges. Have faith in your self, be strong and bold were some of the inspirations we could derive from her talk.

We were also witness to a video in which these special children performed an elaborate dance drama called Ramanavatara. It was stunning and the audience was extremely surprised at the performance of these special people. The coordination was exemplary and the emotions were portrayed extremely well.

A round of Q&A followed where the audience had so many questions that the organizers had to call a stop.

A truly enriching experience.

About SWIM:

SWIM (Successful Women In Management) is a community created by Great Lakes Institute of Management to empower women with traits to assume leadership roles in the corporate world. The forum comprises of a conglomerate of women holding various positions in the corporate ladder. It strives for amelioration of each member at the micro level and ultimately works towards the improvement of the women society at the macro level. The forum is ordained to bring to recognize the achievements of women in today’s world.

Pictures from the event

Nandini Rangan explains the Gravity Magazine to Ms Ambika Kameshwar

The Ladies giving all their ears to Ms Ambika Kameshwar

Lavanya Rangarajan gives the vote of thanks to conclude the event

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