Orkut: The Lost Crush Locator

This morning, as I was thumbing through my Mangerial assignment, parallely an orkut ticker buzzed on my laptop that a certain girl had scrapped me. The name rang a bell immideately. She was my classmate in class 4, and my first crush in those wonder years at St Johns School, Mandaveli. She apparently tried googling her name and landed on a post that I had written about my 21 birthdays. She managed to "orkut" my name and landed on my Orkut profile with a " Do I know you" standard question. By the time I responded to the scrap, my mind managed to rummage through the wonder year of 1991/92, when I met her.

I remember those days, where after day 1 in school, my eyes fell on this cute little girl in a pink frock and just stay stuck. The only oppurtunity I used to get to know her was during our hindi language classes where we went to a different class other than our designated classroom. There used to thrust my bag on a seat where she would sit, making sure no competition would come in between. I had no expectations, but just liked to bask in the glory that I was sitting near her. In fact I was sandwiched between 2 girls and used to follow the universal rule of behaving slightly dumb to get the girls attention. I was too young to remember further incidents, but after shifting to Bala Vidya Mandir, St John's memories just faded away.

Looking back it looked so funny to have done those antics as an 8 year old, just exposed to the successes of Bollywood romances in flicks :-). I said, I would mail her what happened to my life in the 16 years after leaving school and she said she would return the favour, though she doesnt seem to remember me as well as her other friends(girls of course !!).

Something different in a week which has been full of sleepless nights mulling over Z scores, Liquidity ratios, Macro Economics and Managerial Accounting. The next 3 days too promise the same level of hectic activity, and the respite would be the odd interesting message that pops up like this.

Keep tuned in....lots of articles have been penned, will be soon put up this week.

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