No Sex Please, We are Indians!

When will some of my fellow country men come out of the mask that they have woven? UP says "Yes" to sex education and the teachers out there start a protest threatening to burn the books.

I read a news report and this is what it said

" 'The books on sex education supplied by the government should be promptly withdrawn,' Om Prakash Sharma, chief of the secondary schools teachers' association, told reporters Monday.


'If they fail to do so by July 21, we will be compelled to make a bonfire of these books in public.'
The working committee of the secondary schools teachers' association had met here Sunday evening. Members are unanimous that the books published for adolescent education are not in tune with Indian culture and traditions.

'The manner in which the courses have been laid out are bound to not only poison young minds but also become a source of embarrassment for teachers,' Sharma said.

Under the state curriculum, the books were to be used in this academic session starting Monday. To be taught for a total of 16 hours in a year, the course was to be included in social studies and physical education classes.

'We have gone through the entire teaching material in detail and we are strongly of the view that it would be difficult for teachers to curb embarrassing queries from students once the material is put on display in accordance with the wishes of the government,' Sharma said.


Om Prakash, needs to be shown the DPS Sex video and all the other school porn mms's that have been out since the las 4 years, to understand that the diagrams in the book would not be an embarrasment for the students of this era. Young minds's will not be poisoned by the visuals in the book.There is so much of sex that one can see, feel and hear in one's day to day life from all forms of media, that it looks archaich that the UP teachers actually are choosing to skip answering questions on sex education.

What to they want their kids to do? Do they want them to explore about sex by getting half baked information from the hairdressers STARDUST or the mohalla raunchy book, after stealing the money from their parents to buy that literature? Such stopping back would only result in more problems.

Damn!! Mira Nair..... pls remind our country men that we were the creators of the Kama Sutra there's no need to hide and be ashamed of the great literature that came from us. Will a Soundtrack of Lata Mangeshkar with Mira Nair do the trick in the " Aye mere watan ke logon" style? Its worth trying to cultivate an olden and a younger youth Icon starting a campaign to showcase a bolder and confident India.


Anonymous said...

Kartik, I would disagree. There is a time for every lesson to be learned in life. Why teach something that you are not supposed to do until you reach 18? It is illegal to have sex with a minor. This education should be done in first year of college and a healthy attitude to sex should be developed. Infact, parents and college lecturers should be given a course to treat students as growing adults when they reach college. Just because sex info is widely available does not mean we legalize and certify it. We don't want kids to start exploring sex with their friends when they should be shaping their future. As you say kids are using covert means to gather this sex info, we do not want the floodgates to be open by having this education in school.
Unlike any other vice, sex has a major impact on a person's psyche.
Distinction between right and wrong, morality are deeply tied to this. To an under-developed mind, do we teach when to have sex, you should not have sex with your cousins and ....
Time is a major factor when it comes to a person being open-minded and close-minded in areas of life.
Even in the US here, contrary to popular perception, sex education is a highly controversial issue and many schools do not include it as part of their syllabus.

Arun Annamalai

Allagappan M said...

Nice one karthik.On reading the title, I thought you were against SexEd!. I was never interested in this topic until I started reading the article in Ananda Vikatan about SexEd.The way the anonymous author expresses is marvellous, and its a must read :). I feel that before the government hands over books to the teachers, the teachers should be given a psychological course on how to handle such embrassing situations. Its better to understand it in a knowledge perspective rather than seeing porn.

Its high time people realise that SexEd is something which is as important as moral science. Usage of euphemistic words will definitely avoid such embrassing situations.

Good blog, btw :-)

-Allagappan M

JanaB said...

Indians have sex?????? All I know is I LOVE YOUR BLOG POST. I came across it when I was googling images for my upcoming sex education class on Tuesday ha ha ha. The building I live in in Washington DC is nearly 70% populated by Indians :) They all need a copy of a Kama Sutra book and I realize that they have yet to be arranged with their spouse but Lord have mercy- they are the most uptight people I have ever met. A little sex would go a LOOOnnnnngggg way.

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