Andamans Travel- Part 3

This was at Ross Island, a British army/naval base which was abandoned. Now a tourist attraction and a lovely place for some peaceful jay walking. You have one canteen here, but incase you are here on the weekend, god save your tummy, these andamanese prefer their siesta at home than conducting business selling eatables. If you walk left towards the entrance, you would find one small tea shop, which when persuaded would make some omlettes and pakoras at premium pricing.

The spotted deer at Ross Island right next to the place where I had tea.

Phoenix Jetty.... when the sky starts to cry. We just made it in time to Portblair when the heavens opened up. It gave us enough time to put our bags in a safe place and enjoy the rains.

When we were caught in the rains, we had a nice conversation with the locaks and also had some Jhal Mudi( Bong for Bhelpuri). It was a lovely sight seeing the islands dissapear undler the influence of the rain and the mist that had descended that evening, even as Kolkata Night Riders were razed to the ground by the Chennai Super Kings.
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