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Sitting on Marine drive near the rocks

The Western side of the Marine drive, left of Churchgate Station, towards Brabourne stadium

Mumbai seems to have a lot of olden day buildings all worth in excess of crores. If a few crores had a speck of dirt in it, would its value diminish? I'd say no :-). The floodlight between the building is the floodlight of the Wankhede Stadium.
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Vijay Gupta said...

Hi Kartik,

Vanakkam and welcome to Mumbai.

As one who stayed in Mumbai [for 5.5 yrs and more and experienced it in all its glory...and fury, remember 26/7] to one who is newly experiencing Mumbai, remember these words and memorise them, you'll need them for support as long as u r in Mumbai:

You will love Mumbai, or you'll hate Mumbai, but you can never ignore Mumbai [she will not let you!]

Vijay Gupta - vijay.sreshti@gmail.com

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