Andamans Travel- Part 4

Thats what they call the DSS. This is where you board ships from Portblair to Chennai,Kolkata,Ranghat,Havelock and Neil Island. On Sundays, the reservation counter is not open, so go early to the place where your ship would be standing and wait outside for the manual selling of tickets. The ship we took was the 6 am ship called INS Ramanujam to Havelock Island

Costs- Auto from Aberdeen Bazaar to DSS- 5 08 AM- 30 rs
- Ship from DSS to Havelock Island- 200 rs on the Upper deck(cushioned seating)
- 150 rs on the lower deck( normal wooden seating)

Thats Kirti posing in front of Ramanujam

Thats the interior of the upper deck. Most of the passengers are first timers, so
they would spend their time gazing at the beautiful ocean outside. So if you want
to sneak in 40 winks, you have ample space to lay your body flat against the sea breeze.

It was raining quite heavily at a certain distance from us.
This was Neil Island, which seems to be blanked out by the
rain bearing clouds. All it did was ensure that we had excellent chill breeze
greeting us and it was divine sleep, if you managed to sit out in the terrace of
the ship.
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Achut said...

awesome Travellogue!!! too bad the plan didnt kick off last time!

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