The Andamans Travelogue-Part 6

Wondering where this post came out of the Blue?

I was updating this from Chennai, before I came over to Mumbai. I had done about 5 parts and then got busy with work. Check the earlier posts on my Andamans trip here.

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Kirti and I had played in the azure waters long enough, and retraced our footsteps back inside the forest to "Barefoot at Havelock", the only decent resort in Radhanagar beach. Time for Lunch- 2 pm

Here we arrived, in a place that was nestled in between a forest, amidst sylvan and greenish surroundings.Add to that rain droplets, the green colour of the place looks all the more appealing.

Obviously if a place is so well lit up, and looks like the ideal place for relaxing, wouldnt it come with a price? We were here only for the lunch, we werent staying here, but some of the prices on the menu suprised our "student budget" of 13000 for the trip as a whole.

We ended up having 3 rounds of omlettes, some warm tea, some french fries and 2 juices to refresh us. It took us 150 minutes for this procedure, as we lazed about our order.

The place looked the part where you just wanted a break to escape out of the mundane competitive world. "Barefoot at Havelock" should be a place to stop over when you visit the Andamans.
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