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The red buses and the cemented roads are so much entrenched into brand Mumbai. Took this while shifting my place last week.
My mother has been with me for a week, so I was lucky about the neat packing and the moving in, didnt have any problems

The IPL frenzy seems to have got to every one. I see a bunch of people gazing into a shop at Hill Road in Bandra West, where I went for some shopping of basic household implements.

When I saw this painting on a wall, the font reminded of me of the colours painted in Taare Zameen Par. Its a nice getsture by the school to allow their students paint on the wall, rather than commercialising the wall for advertising, or sticking- STICK NO BILLS all over.

Thats my mother watching the Aarushi Talwar murder case on NDTV, as if she were watching a soap opera-totally involved and glued to the television. My mother left last sunday night, so this week, its all about practising how one can make the stomach not-so-empty with the combination of bread, milk and sugar. My mother has suggested quite a few do-it-yourself recipes, but I guess lazy me would still prefer to buy at a hotel. Also to add to my woes, I'd have to wash clothes and fill water, things that I havent been exposed to at my home in Chennai. Mumbai's teaching me quite a few things :-)

By the way, I am leaving on an office trip to Goa, Divar Island tommorow. Should be fun in my 5th visit to this wonderful state in the last 27 months.
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Mumbai - the city of dreams
Mumbai - the city that never sleeps
Those who dream most, do the most.
Mom - the best always.
Best Wishes !

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