Goa Trip over the Weekend-Divar Island, Old Goa

This trip was my first trip around part of Goa which is east of Panjim into Old Goa. 5th Visit in 27 months, sure does prove how crazy I am about visiting this place. I am too tired to guide picture by picture, but am willing to provide my thoughts on the place and some travel tips around Divar Island in my next post. Till then enjoy my pictures

Basic Facts

Old Goa has 2 islands around it, namely Chorao and Divar. Divar island is home to 1 big resort called Devaaya Ayurveda Resort, where we stayed for a couple of nights. It is suprisingly home to 36 bars within that small area of an island. It seems those bars compete on prices so fiercely, that they offer lower rates for alcohol than other parts of Goa. I found this out during a random enquiry on cheaper hotels in that area. To answer more specific questions on cheaper alcohol and rooms in Divar Island, please contact Augustine Fernandez, who is the proprietor of Step Inn Bar and Restaurant at 9881889348.

Pro's- Very peaceful place, ideal for lazy morning and evening walks.

Con's- The place is cut off from the mainland in case the connecting ferry has some problem, and ferry service exists only between 6 am and 12 am. Not many options for a comfortable housing apart from Devayaa resorts(Approx per pax per night). But if you are game for some rough shack like acco, you can search around the place or contact Augustine Fernandez( number given above in this post).

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