Monsoon in Mumbai

The first spell of Pre monsoon showers are on. This was taken near the place I live on.
Turner road is what they call it here, enroute to Bandra Station. Images of tiled roads, Red buses, scores of umbrellas and a mass of humanity that chugs into stations. Thats the image that I have seen of Mumbai through television. Lets see If I am able to ad something more to it, over the tenure in Mumbai.

The MID-DAY news paper has predicted that there would be 19 days like the erstwhile July 26th 05, this monsoon, so its going to be quite an adventure this monsoon to crawl to office. The other night on Friday(or early saturday morning) at 12 45 am, I found only an inch space to stand in the dadar Andhri train. Damn it was midnight and the competition and the brawl for spaces still continue.

I found this unique sight at a Pizza Hut shop in Mulund, in Nirmal Lifestyle. The waiters were dancing to some music that was playing in the mall, and were egged on by the PYT's at the store. Customer Delight! Or what do you call it?

PVR Cinemas does believe in adding some glam to the cinema experience. It has 2 screens where you can log on to the inernet. 1 screen would never work, and the other would have a passable internet connection. I found a few girls checking on some "ORKUT FRAAND REQUESTS"( In a Delhi'ite language :-) ) . I guess its quite a gimmick to get youngsters check on Orkut and be in a good mood while they wait for the screen to allow people. I saw a guy who was complaining that the PVR team has no regards for customers, beacuse it was 3 minutes beyond show time and he was still cooling his heels buying popcorn. Hehe... People in Mumbai seem to be paranoid about time!
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