What does your "Impulse" say today?

There are times when you are concentrating hard while working, and frustration tends to set in, when a call comes on the mobile about a frivolous matter. Now how do you react to it? Do you curtly abrupt and say” Er…. I am busy, will call later”, or smile across the phone in a phoney manner and pretend as if you enjoyed what’s said and start to make immideate moves to end the conversation “ Oh is it so, that’s good.. but I am busy, I’l speak later OK? “. I did neither.. of them

My mother called up at around 5 pm today from Chennai and was speaking about a reality show, where all Shaan's songs were sung by the reality show contestants and how she was enjoying it. It sounded childish as it came out of nowhere, but it was cute in a way. I let go of my inhibitions to say “later amma” and I was smiling and listening to what she said. I actually quite love the concept of calling on Impulse. Calling out of reason is what we generally do, but lets say, I haven’t spoken to someone or I remember someone suddenly, I just call them to say a “hi”. Or lets say I am watching Television and suddenly I come across something hilarious, I immideatly call someone who I feel would also love to laugh over this. Such spontaneous calls kind of pep you up, rather than the “ I need something calls”. These days due to a hectic workstyle we tend to take calls only if they have some business significance to us or only if its is important at that context. If we were to cut a “impulse call” from the other end, it really dampens the enthusiasm from the caller.

I felt good on not spoiling my mother’s “impulse call”. She being alone in Chennai(as my dad works in Karur), must be thinking a lot about how her son must be doing in Mumbai. Is he eating well? is he sleeping well? Is he drinking boiled water? Does he wash his clothes properly? ……blah blah …and when one thinks so much about an other person, a natural impulse is to call the person who is being thought about at the slightest opportunity. Now to take or not take the call, during work is quite a tricky question, as it depends on our nature.

I actually felt pretty good listening to her about how good a certain debojit sings a song, even though I don’t really watch any of those music based reality shows. It just felt good sparing my 2 minutes whole heartedly to listen to my mother, which I otherwise have learnt to avoid, as I would be with work. This reminded me of the Airtel ad where the young girl calls her dad who is busy working at a railway site, and the dad shrugs first at the call, and then lovingly talks on the phone about the various stars constellations in the night sky. Only thing different in my situation was that it was an all Vodafone call : - )

And before you ask it, yes this was an “Impulse Blog Post”.

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