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Jason made this post last week, and it felt really good to know that he likes my blog and follows it.

So here goes

6 unspectacular quirks of mine

I love giving interviews to myself as if I am the head honcho when I walk on cowded streets. I play the interviewer and the interviewee

I love planning trips on impulse. The last 3-4 trips have been planned like that, without worrying about the consequences. There is a certain thrill that I get out of not knowing what to expect.

When I am alone and bored of reading a book, I still play BOOK CRICKET with the same fervour that I used to play with in class 3.

I try and email a long mail to at least 5 friends a week, to get out of the orkut 'scrapping' habit.Makes friendships more meaningful even though it does pain the other reciever recieving long mails from my end.

When I am lazy on a sunday, I dont mind staying hungry, If I can sleep it over. Sleep seems to be my most favourite hobby.(Now who doesnt know that ? )

I dont know to wash my clothes nor do i know to cook. At Mumbai, learning to soak it in water and hit the clothes on the floor 5 times and soak it back in- washed! Dirty me! When I was in Delhi last year, I came all the way by flights to wash a huge set of clothes in Chennai, and also to watch the world cup match on the BIG SCREEN tv on my Home theatre system.

I love midnight beach walking under the moonlight and love to live at the most cheapest places around, and travel by public modes of transport or be on my own with a rented bike. I like lonely travel, as I spend a lot of time thinking about myself.

When I watch cricket, and India is bowling, I also appeal/shout with the bowler in the same jugular vein. Invariably I forget that I am watching it with a group of people. I can never have enough of cricket!

Now that makes it 8 quirks... when only 6 was asked...and as Abhishek Bachan says in GURU.... 2 quirks Munafa! 33% Munafa. Kahani abhi Baaki hain mere dost!

Keep following my blog! Am now rushing to my Great Lakes Alumni meet in Mumbai.

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My Musings said...

yeah! happened to get here ! just bloghopping!!! YEah the interview part! i love to do that, I just ask questions and i answer, Isnt it really weird to freak people out by just being you, and enjoy what u love to do???

Long Live book cricket!!! Well sounds cool and even i send long mails just to get a "mail u later" mail and love to stay in cheap places, well you meet people, learn a lot on life!!!

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