Umbrella Diaries

Its scary walking in Mumbai from the station along the footpath with the mass of umbrella's that stare at you. You see nothing but colurful umbrellas all over and for a moment you feel like celebrating the rains, but the problem comes with people in a hurry with those umbrellas.

The edge of the umbrella either comes close to brushing your eye/forehead or scratches at your umbrella, throwing you out of gear sometimes and at times, exposing you in the heavy rains. You cant even see whats in front as the upper view ensures you see a mass of humanity in holding various umbrella's and a score of Mumbai's ubiquitous Black Fiat Taxis. Below you see footwear and the slush, and cant really plan your way through rain's to carefully tread the slush that lays ahead. More than that, one needs to hold the umbrella at angle so that the maximum regions of the Shirt, Pant and my carry bag, doesnt get wet(Its a got a heavy 3 kg IBM Lenovo lugging behind). So much so for travelling in the rains and singing as the Indian movie industry shows it! You do this twice a day, and I am sure all that love of rainy day songs just remain an MP3 number on your music device and do no special effects when it actually rains.

Its comfortable staying in Bandra now, with not too much water logging, but at some stage I would need to stop paying rent and buy a house. On the lookout daily in classifieds to get a house here. That would need a detailed post, so I'l get back later on that, till that try "enjoying" the rains wherever you are!

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