School Days!

Its raining cats and dogs in Mumbai, and my office being in a low lying area, I need to wade through the stagnant water. I hate doing this over the years given that I was twice marooned in my home in Chennai, and just that the whole thing is something that spoils my mood. Not so long ago, I loved doing this. Wading through the waters to reach school, and discovering that its a holiday, literally had me in seventh heaven. There was no greater pleasure than that, in those days. My school in Adayar(Chn), had this rather crazy policy of awarding a holiday to students whenever it rained between 7 and 8 am on school days. They would take a decision that since its raining heavily, it would continue to do so, and students may suffer. More often than not the sun god would suprise our school management, by showing its face after 8 am, while we exhuberantly keep spreading the word around that " Yay! Its a holiday", through the new found sexy gadget of the yesteryears-The BSNL Landline telephone(1992-98 around that time).

Rains have ceased to bring that streak of adventure in me anymore. I have begun seeing it as a chore to wade through waters and try my best not to get wet. The other day, I had left my umbrella at my doctors clinic in Bandra, and I had gone back from home to get it, and never imagined it would rain. But Mumbai being highly unpredicable, let out a roar through the skies and I realised that I anyway have no option but to get wet, so instead of rushing to a shop nearby and competing for inchspace I was the only one who seemed to be smiling and getting wet. People were thinking I was mad, but I enjoyed getting back to being a child in those few moments.

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