I had this thought today about the feel good factor that dominates most IT companies today with posh buildings, tinted glasses and more of glass as the wall than the traditional cement. 10-15 years ago , i remember my mother's office had one sick and noisy fan , and some dour tables as the lunch room and of course the dull economic single coat painted walls , but today all that has been replaced by some buildings that make the work environment a different zone . hats off to the inventor of such a corporate strategy , who sensed how much this feel good factor could increase productivity at work .

there are some companies who belive that a relationship between an employer and an employee is as good as a husband and wife relationship (no flirting funda here) in the sense that the keyword in a relationship is "TRUST" and some companies like Satyam go a step further by having a policy of not maintaining any "attendance register" as they belive that their employees wouldnt cheat on them ..... way 2 go

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