These days , the sea breeze sets in by 3 pm and after 4 pm , my place, Madipakkam has become a not so bad place to live.
The air that gushes across is heavenly and cool , and just an exposure of 1 hr to it can lull one to sleep. last night when i was sleeping and enjoying the breeze , all of a sudden my dream was cut short by the monotonous ring tone of my friend nirenjan .

I totally forgot about him , until he called me up , and we were yacking about blogs, "MPEG" and crap from 10 to 11 . Ihad a nice time yacking from 10 to 11 ........ until we decided to call a day and he LOGGED OFF TO BED( he's a real techno junkie )while i switched on the telly , to watch the aussi-windie match and heaved a sigh of relief after the windies finally beat the Aussies.

Yesterday i just noticed the amount of literature I have in my Attic [ SPORTSTAR editions from 1990 to 2003 ], 3-4 years of INDIATODAY and WEEK and loads of geofreey archer, sidney sheldons' and management books by imminent authors , that i often wanted to buy in lANDMARK , so i have decided to organize my very own LANDMARK to make the books more accesible .
currently i am browsing under the cool confines of this POWERFUL air conditioner at BRITISH COUNCIL LIBRARY( some kind of a refuge from the relentless heat!!!!)

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