These days , every morning at 6, I am at the driving school , a couple of kilometres from my place .
A very interesting guy there is the Owner/Chief instructor of the School. He teaches me Maruti 800
This guy's job day in and day out is to plead a 100 times between 6 am and 8 am , to press the clutch while putting the gear, taunting the learner in a harsh tone while driving, go to the RTO's
office to get liscences for his trainees and come back at 3 in the afternoon for further classes between 3 and 7 pm.

Now for a beginner it's a little tough to synchronize the gears and the accelerator within 2 or 3 days of the introduction. there are little nunaces to be learnt in car driving like pressing the clutch , while nearing a speed breaker , sensing people coming to the left hand side trying to overtake and a host of other's which are generally not thought primemost by a beginner as he concentrates only on making sure the vehicle moves in a straight direction and is able to drive on the road.

The Instructor , who is a seasoned campaigner in driving , dosent realize this and starts to raise his voice" EENA YA POREENGA, KOLAE PANRUTHUNU MUDIVU PANTIYAA" amidst a couple of instances of patience. It feels comical to see many 40+ Men being subjected to this , as they are not used to be in submission !!!.

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