I have enrolled myself for a 4 wheeler driving course . so i get up pretty early and the classes start at 6 30 am where i am pushed into a 800 Maruti along with 4 other aspiring learners. among them is a girl doing her 2nd year MCA , whom i find extremely irritating .
She is what i would call the exact chennai girl who goes more by the statistics of marks rather than enjoying life . she studied her school and graduation in a school called Prince Matriculation in Madipakkam (Chennai) , which churns out fagged out students with marks in the higher rungs of 98.................100 and claims 100 % results .

well I am not against the marks , but the way in which girls from the state board school of thought behave. just imagine the school expects parents to daily sign in the diary that they studied from 4 am to 6 am and did not go out anywhere in the evenings . secondly boy -girl interaction is limited inside their so called "campus" as that might come in way of they missing 1 or two marks scoring a sad 290 out of 300 rather than a brilliant 295 out of 300. the level of strictness is very high and these people who run such institutions wreak havoc in the name of discipline and these idiotic students follow them blindly like slaves all in the pursuit of that extra one mark, which put them on the success highway of engg/medical , but are disabled in handling life and seeing the sunny side of life .

I started laughing at her state of affairs , and a heated debate continued with her which left me exasperated ...... there's more to come on my blog , where i would take a moment or 2 to higlighten the exact typical chennaiite girl .

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Liz said...

Hi Karthik...Dont generalize statements..there are the gud and worse ones everywhere...Theres definitely some truth in what u say but then again not everyone is the same...mentioning names directly esp an institution's doesnnt follow ethical rules...

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