I had been to the cinema theatre(melody) to watch the latest flick titled "ARMAAN" starring preity zinta,anil kapoor , gracy singh . the movie hall was filled with just around 20-30 people only. i guess Hindi movies in Chennai are like sellling sweaters in Chennai very few takers !!. the film is a good one , but i guess it wouldnt make the money as Mumbai has planned a big theatre strike and Chennai wouldnt allowe it be more than a couple of weeks.

timing of the release here might cost the film dearly some thing like all the movies that were released during JAN end thru FEB and MARCH , where people were glued to their telly's watching cricket .

Whats more is that Amitab Bachan is getting a taste of his own medicene , as he with his KBC made people sit at home , and give a damn to the movies . now he is in a predicament where the wrong release time is not giving him a HIT , but i guess the icon he is , he dosent need a hit to tell us he is still thete.

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