it's taken some time after the exams got over for me to post my thoughts . well the day the exams got over , my friend prassna and i rushed from college to seek solace in studio 5 (satyam theatre) from the hot sun. we bought tickets for lord of the rings 2 , which was supposed to be a continuation of the first movie ...... and that's where boredom started. i could figure head nor tail of what was happening in the first one hour as monkeys, bearded men, monsters heroes villains all looked alike . every now and then people did the war march from one place to another .. the crowd was fed up with the movie sans a handful who were engrossed into this "magic" film.
the movie was all the more strange bcoz it had no heroine ( thats one reason the crowd was angry! ! !) . even i was waiting with unabated breath to see some beautiful lasses since i had paid 70 bucks for watching that drivel .

the other 4 days were spent couch potatoing . i find that there is nothing worth watching on TV these days . i managed to see BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM AND BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY , both of which were entertaining .

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