college these days is fun and it is on these days one has to cash it on these days , by coming to college and getting ur attendance. again we had a seminar in the morning , on certain management issues in the industry , which i felt was preety good, but the guys at college spoilt it by clapping the speaker ( or rather packing him off ) .

It is for this very precise reason that these days i dont take much interest in bringing any guest speaker to the college . I am prtesently blogging from the dishnet terminal at chennai central as i have to wait here for another hour or so , to pick up my father .

today i had a wonderful train journey from avadi to central along with a guy called b.karthik , who happens to be my classmate. there are numerous guys like him in our college who are getting freed from the clutches of a monotonous life before college ( only padips and tv) . he was recounting how he now likes to go and buy clothes for himself , as his clothes were earlier bought by his parents . he said that only in final year now , did he get to know what dress sense meant (after the ban of the uniform ) .

it's always fun , when u talk with friends on a long train journey , and he told me the info that our class was getting geared up for a tour to cochin and munaar in Kerala . I earlier had a lovely experience attending the partnership summit in hyderabad with my friends and of course that visit to amrita .

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