i have my Barium test today which will confirm whether I need to go for an appendicitis operation or not. I hope not , coz i cant afford to bunk college anymore than what i have done this sem . secondly i also have an appointment at sify today in the evening .

Achut called up last night and suprisingly he started coaxing me to come to the symposium (usually it's the other way round)at SVCE, today and tommorow , but i guess going on thursday woud mark our first symp this sem , but again my attendance is slowly slipping below 75 , so thatz some cause for concern .

I finally booked my seat for the Landmark quiz to be held in chennai this independence day . it's just a litlle suprising as to how i got a confirmed seating accomadation as in the previous years , i booked around the same date and only got waitlisted seats . looks like there is a downward surge towards quizzing in Chennai .

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