yesterday i happened to go to SSN college of engineering off Old Mahabalipuram road to participate in their ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION dept sym titled ORBITCE 03 . the symp was pretty good , with some decent competition .

well the best part being I won 3000 rs along with prasanna for presenting a paper there. I am just itching to spend the money for buying books, eating and so many other things.................

what was remarkable abt this paper presentation was i , like in earlier times showed no signs of being covetous nor was i cowering when i came across better presentations. so went with a very coy profile and at last won it in style.

I seem to have assumed an avuncular approach to life , as i see that these days i dont get excited or jump up at the mention of a symposium . so my credo of maintaining a coy profile worked for the first time .

our presentation was very simple with just a powerpoint presentation and a couple of pictures of the exp in the presentation. i thought that we were going to be derided by the participants there , but much to our chagrin we were awarded the first prize .

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