MAMOOL- is the name of the game !!

yesterday , while I was on my way to Sify, from Guindy station on my bike , a van was speeding ahead of me and I let him go , but all of a sudden the van driver probably wanted to disprove newton's laws by wanting to have a deceleration from 5o km /hr to 0 in a sec ( in other words he applied the brakes) . I was behind him driving at probably 30-35 km /hr . As the van applied it's brakes , I saw it and tried to slow down ,, but it was too late and my vehicle's mudgard slammed into his bumper, with the result being that my mettalic mudguard was bent ( resembling a rough sine wave !!!) and my headlights were shattered to pieces , but thank god i still was in one piece.

the police called aside the van driver and murmured something to him and much to my chagrin the van driver was allowed to go scott free and the police called me aside and told me that i just had to wait for some time ..... ???? why ???

coz they wanted to file a case of overspeed limit against me !!! I was shocked and i told the police guy "saaar , naa ponadhu 30 -35 thaan saar, yenna yen pudikareenga " .

on being told this the police guy , made me walk a little bit and proceeded to show me a road sign which said 30 km was the speed limit and since I myself had said that i was going at 30-35 , he said that was proof enough to book a case against me , which would be heard in the court the very evening ...................................................

damn !!! . then after some time , he said "take the vehicle and start it" and the that big oversized pumpkin sat on my bike behind me and asked me to drop him in some place . he all of a sudden got off my bike in some non-descript corner , where he asked ho much money do i have in my purse . ahhhhhhhhh........ I realized the guy meant business.

I bargained from 1500 to 750 to 450 -300 , and finally shelled out 3 new 100 rupee notes , but the guy's concience probably pricked him and he returned a note to me .

I still couldnt fathom why I was being charged money , when the fault actually lay with the van driver , but in Chennai one musn't complain regd this , other wise rubbing these frustrated policemen on the wrong side would have much greater repurcussions.(especially after hearing my TIME friend Kaustuban's earlier nightmare on the road , a couple of months back.)

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