i had my barium test yesterday and the reports said that i probably have some worms in my stomach and there is no sign of some thing called "acute appendicitis" as said by the previous doctor (my goodness !! what all they say to make money !) .

secondly there seems to be a long list of NO's to the follwing food items

1 bhelpuri,panipuri and assorted chaats
2 colas and related stuff
3 no more spicy tandoor items , no punjabi dhaba
4 only idly and dosai , with sandwiches
5 no pickles, curry ...........................

life cant be worse than this , as my tounge and stomach decided to divorce !!!

today i finally managed to clinch my final sem project at Sify in their safescrypt division , and by and large the HR people dont seem to encourage grps of 2 or three and prefer to take only the guy who comes thru reference . I guess thatz why achut and joshi had to miss an oppurtunity to do it along with me .

fine, i have no qualms of doing it alone , coz the challenges are greater and working in a corporate environment should do me a world of good .

tommorow its party time at music academy , with landmark quiz 03 . so hope to fine tune my quizzing frequency to quizzing mirchi @music academy wave (a-la FM wave )

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