Regarding the appendicitis scare that i received two days back , my father just crosschecked with another doctor showing him my previous reports and much to my suprise the doctor told that it was tough to conclude from these tests that i had to undergo an appendicitis operation. a so called -barium test had to be conducted to confirm the state of my stomach . so i still donno whether or not i am going to have an operation or not .

Today , our TIME institute director's address on selecting and choosing the various B schools , was very good and his little focus on AIMCATS being indicators to one's actual ranks was satisfying to the point that i can say that with a little more hardwork i may climb into national reckoning , vying with others for the top 10-15 b schools . not that my national rankings are so good , but atleast i find that out of every 100 guys , i am above 75 guys (percentile funda) , that gives me a good boost to work harder and longer at my table especially with reasoning and quants .

Today was a real hectic day for me , considering that i had to leave home at 8 30 am to reach my test centre by 9 05 am and had to quickly slip in 4 idlis ( the damn diet that i have to be becoz of a bad stomach) and reach the centre by 9 15. then from 10 to 12 I had entered in to a shading competition (oh ! by the way it's also called the CAT) . after the test i had to leave from adyar to T.nagar in this sweltering heat, and to add fuel to fire was to follow kaustuban's route to t nagar. preethy and I dumbly followed him thru his circutious route and both of us were going at the same speed , also had some problems catching up with kaustuban , who was blazing past us .

the seminar on institute selection got over and i had to shutlle back to adyar for my 4-8 pm classes , between which the call of hunger was unbearable ,so i had stop at sangeetha's at adyar and have a couple of idli's ,and after attending my classes in indices,calendars and cubes I just came back home now and saw my Mock CAT 4 scores. well as far as ranking is concerned i might still hold on to the "A" grade institution rankings , but my accuracy needs some fine tuning .

phew !!! it was a long day and i guess i wont take long to hit the sack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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