hmmmmmmm...............all the effort of getting out of college, having a tiff with HOD , all went in vain as the scheduled person at SIFY was really busy and couldnt schedule an appointnment.
i guess i'd have to make it some time next week , after the records,print outs and damn tests are over.

But the person at sify was really kind enough to offer me a project in a totally challenging environment, given the fact that it was on a subject that i liked -Cryptography(i've even presented a paper on that ) . my other classmates have also got their projects in other IT companies but half of them ,i heard are going to be doing the coding only at home .

life at college is real hell , with some trouble creators, posing unwanted trouble.
well all i can do is just put up a counter here and say ......................* * * days to get out of college .

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