Funny Musings at the Delhi Metro Rail

A couple of weeks back, I was in New Delhi. I happened to take these pictures travelling on the
Metro Rail from Karol Bagh. It was amusing to see that some college going kid was busy standing in a corner,while there were lots of seats to sit. Only when I was about to get down, did I notice his handiwork.

The Metro rail stations so far, does not have too many advertisers, but the DMRC is not going to feel crestfallen about it.They have launched some eye catching campaigns to woo advertisers to use the real estate in the suburban stations.

1 comment:

nAl said...

The world will be so boring without vandals, no?

And his message is an all important. Isn't covering your ass the first thing you learn when you start your first job?

Good one, Karthik!

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