The last few days have been lethargic, and I managed to buy a Laptop, after my so called search ended at HP 2214TU Pavillion. Great Lakes, generally gives Compaq laptops, but I decided to cut costs by going for a model which seems good value for money.The downside is of course a RAM hungry Windows Vista, but lets see, how things work out(I have 1024 MB RAM). All through the week, its been a lot of visits to the bank to get the loans procesed, with all the paper work,which has left me quite tired and mentally fatigued. Last night was a long one with a few classmates coming home for a movie meet up,which went in to the wee hours of today morning(4 am). I still did not feel sleepy, and wanted to take a early morning walk after two back-2-back movies, but Arvind's 10 minute lecture on Credits and debits made me fall asleep, before all of us got up at 7 am.

I have a colleague's marriage function coming up in Chengannur, but am mulling over whether I should plan a holiday somewhere close by in Malluland. But given the fact that I have been unemployed and without salary for over a month now, I guess finances would not allow me the luxury of a costly holiday.I guess a holiday along Coastal Karnataka is a lot cheaper in 100-Rs-a Night lodges. I have not planned a holiday yet, but If i make feair headaway in Businness Mathematics and Micro economics, I can look at a quick 2 day holiday, before I get down to a B schoolers life.

My Course starts on 20th, and I need to finish 3 books for a test on 21st.(Micro Economics,Biz Math and Accounting).

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