Update on the Chennai MRTS from Velachery

This is the view from the edge of the station, which is opposite the velachery fly over.The other side of the flyover will see the same line continuing to St Thomas Mount. The construction work still seems partially completed. One doesnt get to see a finished product.A lot of waste material surrounds the station.I just hope they have a small connecting walk through from the edge of the station to the bridge, from where walking across is done easier.

This is the part of the Line that connects the Velachery MRTS station to the Tidel Park station and this line should be operational by the 14th of April, but on having a closer look, the curves in the track more so seem like straight lines that are broken.3 days to go. Lets see how quickly things are mended.

These are the insides of the Railway station and it seems to only miss the odd coat of paint and beautification. This should be done in time, before some cocky minister comes to inaugarate it.

This is where the platform ends and work will commence soon on extending this line. The station looks pretty imposing when seen from this angle.

The tracks dont really seem ready for the trains to ply.It looks very rough and needs a coat of polish to keep friction at bay


tudinesh said...

this is the station where they shot a chasing scene in vettaiyadu villaiyadu right ?

i thought velachery station was an elevated one !!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it is Chennai's turn now !!

Complaints pour in from men about raw deal at all-women police stations


Prabhu said...

Good to know abt Velachery MRTS. Kindly send me the photos to prabhushankara@rediffmail.com

Prabhu said...

Good to know abt Velachery MRTS. Kindly send me the photos to my id prabhushankara@rediffmail.com

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